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Welcome to Bangkok HOT Massage Service

Another well-known way for traditional Thai massage in Bangkok is the Bangkok HOT Massage Outcall Service. We provide Thai Massage, Body Massage, Aroma OIl Massage and Bangkok Nuru Massage to Bangkok Hotels, so that you can enjoy any kind of Bangkok Massages in the comfort, hygienic cleanliness and privacy of your Bangkok Hotel room. Thailand, of course, is the best place to go for a traditional Bangkok Thai massage. The Buddhist Temple WatPo, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is a great place to go to receive a traditional Thai massage or to study the ancient Thai massage techniques. A royal monastery since 1782, WatPo has served as the center of Thai medicine since the medical and massage school opened there in 1955.
Thai massage is more intensive and participatory for the client. The traditional style takes up to two hours and usually involves the recipient being maneuvered into yoga poses to aid the function of the actual techniques. Putting the body in certain positions makes it easier for the masseuse to manipulate the muscles properly, resulting in a far more thorough treatment. The process of Thai massage begins with by pressing the muscles, opening the sen energy lines and softening the muscles in preparation for the stretches. All this is done while the recipient of the massage is completely clothed. Once the muscles have been softened sufficiently, starting at the head and extending down to the toes, the process of stretching begins. The masseuse uses full body contact to mold, stretch, and maneuver the recipient's body into the chosen yoga poses, stretching the now soft muscles and elongating them. After a good Thai massage session, the entire body is relaxed and the muscles are stretched out, making movement easier. Often, joint pain is diminished or even eliminated completely. With repeated treatments, the body becomes supple and flexible, returning to what should be a natural state. Other, more unexpected benefits include relief from constipation and other bowel problems, headaches, aches and pains, and joint stiffness. This is usually attributed to the newly released flow of energy caused by the pressing of the muscles.

Bangkok Hot Massage

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